St PJs Childrens Home

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ST.PJ’s Children’s Home

 When a person thinks of an abused and neglected child, a litany of horrible images come to mind; and, rightfully so. We are bombarded with TV commercials begging us to give to a hungry child in Africa, a homeless family in Arkansas or save thousands of animals across the United States who will most assuredly perish. As we watch a helpless crying child, sitting in a dirty alley with tears streaming down his face, our stomachs begin to ache as we reach for our pocket book…one more time…. just to see what we can do. But HOW do we decide WHO to save? Personally, I would save the entire world, but I know that is not possible.

We live in a  tentative time in history: Citizens in the US are constantly watching for another Stock market crash, the price of Gold going down or their mortgage interest rates going up. Our focus is primarily on finances- not on human worth. But as we look at St. PJ’s Children’s Home in San Antonio Texas, we see the HOPE of America staring us right in the face. Anyone who tries to deny our children are not our future, but are simply living in another dimension and are using denial as a way of life. When you compare the stock market to abused and suffering children, the problem becomes painfully obvious: We are simply focused on a distorted view of what is truly important.

What if your children were hurting and abused? Oh dear ones, do not think anyone is immune  to this problem! What kind of neighborhood do YOU live in? Do you feel safe- are your children in the best schools-do you go to bed at night with a sense of peace and comfort? If the answer is yes, please look beyond the external presentation and look into the unseen. Do you know your neighbors- do you KNOW their children? How do you know for sure they are not being abused or neglected? The answer is; you don’t! How would you feel if you knew one of the children from St. PJ’s Children’s Home was living next door? Would you retreat into your comfortable world or would you extend a helping hand of love?

THAT is the problem in America today; nobody KNOWS each other! We talk through texting, we watch countless hours of TV each night, spend hours on the computer and rely on our GPS to get to our destination. But dear friends; what if our true destination is a destination of hope and encouragement that has nothing to do with finances or superficial security? What if God has His own GPS roadmap- what if He has a  plan for our lives? If God created man in His own image, then we are supposed to step up and help our fellow man…especially our children: THE HOPE AND FUTURE OF AMERICA.

Wow…those words somehow put the need of our children in a different light. If we are brutally honest, we will look past our own circumstances and FIND a way to help. I want you all to internalize this next statement and ask yourself why you are not helping:
WHO is living next door to you right now? Do they need help- do you care- are you afraid to help because you might loose something you never really had in the first place? The children your children go to school with, all have pasts. Some of them come from abusive homes- some have possibly even graduated from St. PJ’s Children’s Home. You see dear ones, you DO have a vested interest in helping these special children-why? Because they could have been YOUR OWN children! They are all around you-they are the silent ones. They are the walking wounded-they are the ones without a voice- they are the ones that suffer in silence. When they cry at night who wipes their tears and comforts their heart? Could it be you? Yes, my friends, I will tell you a way it most assuredly can be you! SAVE A CHILD-SAVE AMERICA!

Let me tell you how you can save a child right now. Get involved and learn to love the unlovable- give the child crying alone at night the chance to discover hope- encourage the discouraged, conger up some real heat and soul and support St. PJ’s Children’s Home for abused and neglected children:  You will never be the same. There is a great difference between fear and faith; and these children need a lot of faith. But faith is low on their list of attributes they feel they can achieve and experience. Many of these bruised children are so far away from believing in people, they retreat into depression and anger. They have been hurt in ways most of us can not imagine and have learned to hide in the shadows of a broken life. Hope and inspiration are not on their to-do lists of daily activities. Can you really sit there and not connect with the reality that these innocents ARE our children. They are our neighbors-family members- they are the children standing on the side of the road alone. They are the ones calling out to you in the dark. Please…shed a little light on the face of a child in need.

Help support the hope of a new America; support St. PJ’s Children’s Home.

 Life is not about being comfortable; life is about doing what God has called us to do. As Jesus said: “ Go and find the lost sheep and when you do….bring him home.” Well, this is your moment to make a difference by being the difference….support a lost sheep…give him a home-give him love and kindness-give him the hope he so desperately needs: GIVE HIM….“YOU!”

 Please have no fear-you will lose nothing and will gain everything as you reach for their tiny hands and tell them, possibly for the first time in their life; “Please believe me…trust me…I will not let you down!”

 By example let them know all things are possible with God. The caregivers at St. PJ’s Children’s Home dedicate their lives to the restoration of these children on a daily basis. They work 24/7 to save the children. But they need your help.
 As proud American citizens, TTW proudly steps into the national arena and boldly stands with this great organization.  We are asking you to tithe directly into a young person’s life. Help St. PJ’s Children’s Home save a child while you directly lift America back to greatness.

These words will become real to you when you take an intimate look into the statistics shared by St. PJ’s CEO, James Castro. I asked James why it is so difficult to manifest the financial support so badly needed by these children. He gave me a bird’s eye view into some insightful information.
“There is so much secrecy regarding the issue of abuse and neglect of children. I guess the curtain has not been pulled back yet. Maybe its too close to home-maybe its too ugly to look at. It takes three generations of care, education and healing to stop the abuse and neglect in families. It wasn’t until the 1900’s that state proprietary codes were implemented. Orphanages were not state regulated until the 1960s. There are 6.5 million children in Texas and 288,000 alleged victims filed complaints against their abusers in 2010- I shudder to think what the statistics are now.

CPS is understaffed and there is only 1.1billion dollars allocated to the entire state to protect and serve our abused children….there is simply not enough help and support. You have to look at the situation of abuse from a medical, diagnostic standpoint. For example, if a person has a car accident they are taken to a hospital; they go through triage, are assessed, diagnosed and treatment plan is implemented immediately. They are moving towards being healed. In our case, we do not have the staff or finances to effectively move towards long-term healing.

We need an immediate, state of the art diagnosis/assessment and an on-going, long term treatment plan that  involves the body, mind and spirit. We need to find out how the trauma impacted each child,  how to address the impact and create an on-going, constant connection of intimate and evolving care. This CAN be done….we just need the financial support to create what we know works. Bureaucracy aside; we are here to heal the children. Sometimes heart is more important than talent…and heart is a God given gift that is meant to be used wisely and always, for the better good of all. Truthfully Freya: What better gift could there be in this world….than to heal a child?”

The answer dear readers is obvious; there  isn’t.

 TTW will be creating an art and music program for St. PJ’s Children’s Home starting in January 2013: There will be no funding requirements. Professional musicians, artists, dancers, singers, etc. will be donating their skill, talent, time and hearts to the restoration of these children.

The performing arts offer an individual the unique gift of discovering their hidden talents, bringing them to the forefront and moving their consciousness to a new level of self esteem and self-worth.

TTW’s team of dedicated professionals are honored to rise to the need and supply the demand of growth to these challenged children. We look at our challenges as our greatest gifts and hope to impart the gift of love to the wounded hearts of the innocents.

May God bless everyone at St. PJ’S home for abused and neglected children.

Make a difference by being the difference.

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